Baltimore Dorm

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Housing for Young Adults

The dorm provides affordable and safe, residential services for male youth, including internet access, central air conditioning and heat, full kitchen, library, study area and access to personalized coaching and mentoring, as well as life skills and leadership development.

The dorm is part  of Islamic Leadership Institute of America's services to young adults, and follows a community-based culture, providing out of town and unaccompanied individuals with the psychological and life needs required.


ILIA provides limited housing services for its students, and unaccompanied youth. To be eligible to reside at ILIA dorm students need to meet one of the following conditions:

Legal US resident, US citizen, an international student in good academic standing with a valid student visa or a valid work or business visa

Currently, the dorm only accepts males, arrangements for female students can be made at off-site locations with partial ILIA supervision.

Admission Requirements

Dorm Features

The dorm serves two main purposes:

Short to Long-Term Housing for College Students

Residents at the ILIA Dorm receive more than just a safe and clean place to stay, they have access to personalized coaching and mentoring; assistance with driver's license issues, settling in, airport pickup and more importantly the social network needed for them to thrive.

Short to Mid-Term Housing for Unaccompanied Young Adults

The dorm utilizes the coaching services provided by the organization to unite unaccompanied youth and young adults with parents or guardians as soon as possible, in situations when reunification is not feasible the dorm provides transitional or affordable housing until the minor or young adult is able to live independently. 

The ILIA Dorm's unique value proposition is the personalized and integrated approach in homelessness root cause resolution. We take a holistic approach and provide the resident with the needed educational, developmental, employment or counseling support to achieve as probable as possible permanent resolution. ILIA offers all dorm residents the option to join its internship program where various skills can be applied in real-life work projects such as planning, organizing, systems thinking, project management, interpersonal communications and more. Internships are offered in a multitude of domains ranging from Anthropology and Accounting to Technology, Research and Social Services. Dorm residents are exempt from paying the internship application fee, and do get compensated for work based on experience and performance. 100% of the residents who stayed at our dorm since 2015 have been offered internships with the organization and close to 20% have accepted the opportunity.  Successful internship graduation rates are in the 90%-100% range.



"When people have issues, they have a safe spot to stay"  -- 29 year old

H. Mohammed

"It helped me because when I came to the United States, the dorm helped me with a place to stay, and I made connections with responsible people" -- 30 year old

M. Arafa

"It saved me from being homeless; I have ADHD and ODD and unable to live with my parents"  -- 19 year old

S. Ahmad

"This is a big relief for all of us helping this elder brother"  -- Community Volunteer caring for a 60-year displaced elder.



The dorm has seen a few of elders needing temporary economical housing solutions in Baltimore. During the first three month of 2024 the dorm has served 3 people.




The dorm has seen a  number of college and couple of elders needing temporary economical housing solutions while studying and working in Baltimore.




The dorm has seen a number of college youth and a couple of professionals needing temporary economical housing solutions while studying and working in Baltimore. During the first half of 2022 the dorm has served 4 people.




This year alone, alhamed ellah it has served a homeless 17 year old high community college student from mixed Arab-Caucasian origin helping him stay on course and graduate with his AA last May, a 27 year African American homeless brother who recently reentered society after being unjustly incarcerated for 18 months on false claims helping him avoid sleeping in green spaces along Cedar Lane in Columbia and commercial building stairways around the mall in the bitter cold, a 27 year old foreign graduate student working on his Ph.D in clinical research at Morgan State helping him stay focused on his studies and reunite with his wife and son sooner than later  in sha Allah, and several short term stays by 19-21 year old brothers having family problems or other emergent situations.




The dorm was home to a special needs 19-year old who could no longer live with his parents for three weeks as an interim stage until he could receive the specialized help he needed. To dorm also was home to two millennials who had just arrived to the United States to start a new life for more  than six months, while they secure work and are joined by their families. Lastly, it served a 17-year old and a 19-year who had emergent situations at home where  staying at the dorm was safer for them and their families.




Mostly young adults in their upper teen years were in and out of the dorm, providing them with a safe haven as they receive one-on-one coaching on stress management, conflict resolution and engaging with parents; all while their parents receive coaching and training on dealing with the younger  generation. Dorm  was also home to a  22 year old Muslim revert who had no place to go after grandma kicked him out. Lastly, a 27-year old new comer to America found the dorm to be his first home in this country.




19-year old full-time Howard Community College spent his second year in America residing at the ILIA Dorm. Joined by 25-year old special needs brother together they created bonds of care, compassion and leadership.




The year the dorm officially started. From 16-year African American young Muslim brother, to 26-year old recent graduate recent arrival to America, and 19 and 20-year old college students, the dorm was home for a diverse group of young adults starting their academic and professional lives, while providing short-term emergency care for those in need.



2015 - 2016

We just opened our building and full-time home school program, when we had a need to house two brothers for emergent situations, so we setup our dorm room for the first time.



2010 - 2014

It was the first  time we come across a homeless Muslim teenager, we had no place but our own homes to house our younger displaced people. Some had to hop from place to place, others were fortunate enough to find families who had kids of same gender and could provide longer term stays in some cases reaching 6 months. The support of our generous community has been very touching as close to half a dozen young men needed places to stay for various reasons.